Shiretoko peninsula is one of the highest density of brown bear in the world.  You have a chance to encounter bears, but it may be dangerous for cycling.  There have not been any accidents of bear attack in Shiretoko up to now.  Please follow this instruction and enjoy cycling in Shiretoko!

1. Bear is very cautious

Almost all bears are very cautious about people.  They are also very sensitive and they have left away when people reach them.  "Bear bell" is effective for many bears, but not for all.  Some bears are got accustomed to the bell.  Bicycle have special kinds of sound like chain and brake which are effective for bear.  You have to be carful on the windy day, because it is difficult to hear the sound.

2. Bear runs faster than bicycle

Bear can run as fast as 50km/h(30m/h).  If you are chased by bear, it will be very difficult to escape even on the down slope.  It is very important that you never stimulate  the bear when you meet it.  Do not get close to the bear even if it stays calm.  The most dangerous case is getting close to cubs.  Mother bear will attack you.  Do not take photo up close.  Do not shout or speak aloud.  Be quiet and watch it, then walk backward silently.  The "safe distance" depends on the condition, but it may be 100m(30ft) on average.

3. At the blind corner

When you ride at high speed, you have to be very cautious.  If you find a bear just beside the road, it will be difficult to stop before the bear.  There are many cases that bicycle riders suddenly meet bear just after the blind corner.  The bear may attack you when it is surprised by bicycle.  You have to slow down at the corner or dark place to avoid sudden encounters.

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