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Riding through a deep forest, we get to a waterfall called Kamuywakka.  Hot water spring out from the volcanic mountain, Mt.Iow, and run into the stream.  The water temperature is around 25-30 deg.C.  It is comfortable and easy to walk in the stream with bare foot.  

Because the possibility of bear encounter is very high on the way, guided tour is strongly recommended.


Meeting place: Shop, or "Shiretokogoko Field House"

Distance: about 22km

Required time: 3-4hours

Tout fee: adult 8,000yen(child 4,000yen)

Period: early June- ealry November


Tour flow
Meet at our shop --> Go to Shiretogoko by car(20min)  --> Prepare for cycling(10min) --> Cycling(80min) --> Kamuywakka waterfall(30min) --> Cycling(80min) --> Shiretokogoko --> Go to Utoro by car(20min) --> Get back to our shop


[Optional tour]

Shiretokogoko hiking(short)

Additional time: +1hour
Additional fee: adult+2,000yen/ child+1,000yen

Shiretokogoko hiking(long)

Additional time: +3hour
Additional fee: adult+4,000yen/ child+2,000yen

Mt.Iow trekking

Additional time: +4hour
Additional fee: adult+8,000yen/ child+4,000yen