New rental fee(2020)

Hybrid bikeTime periodFee
2 hours 1,000yen
6 hours 2,000yen
12 hours 3,000yen
24 hours 4,000yen
+ one day 1,000yen
eBikeTime periodFee
56649s 2 hours 2,000yen
6 hours 4,000yen
12 hours 6,000yen
24 hours 8,000yen 
+ one day -- 
Carbon Road bikeTime periodFee
roubaix 2 hours 2,500yen
6 hours 5,000yen
12 hours 7,500yen
24 hours 10,000yen
+ one day 2,500yen
MTBTime periodFee
rockhopper 2 hours 1,500yen
6 hours 3,000yen
12 hours 4,500yen
24 hours 6,000yen
+ one day 1,500yen
Kids bikeTime periodFee

2 hours 1,000yen
6 hours 2,000yen
12 hours 3,000yen
24 hours 4,000yen
+ one day 1,000yen
Touring bikeTime periodFee
56649s 2 hours  --
6 hours --
12 hours --
24 hours 10,000yen 
+ one day 1,000yen

Helmet is included.
Road bike is only for expert riders for safety.


About Cancellation
You can cancell the booking because of bad weather and of your health condition.  Please inform us as soon as possible.

Cancellation fee is required if you cancel after the delivery finished.  The cancellation fee is same as delivery fee.

If you cancel without any contact, 100% cancellation fee is required.



Cycle computer
Bottle cage
Wire lock
Flashing light (front/rear)

Repair kit (pump, tube)
Tool set
Binding pedals

Free delivery and drop-off in Utoro area !


AreaDistanceDelivery fee

Fee (/bike)


Nature Center, Oshinkoshin, Iwaobetsu YH

0-10km 1,000yen 1,000yen 1,500yen +500yen
Shiretoko-Goko, Mt.Rausu trailhead, Shiretoko Pass 10-20km 2,000yen 2,000yen 3,000yen +1,000yen
Shari, Rausu, Kiyosato 20-50km 4,000yen 4,000yen 6,000yen +2,000yen
Memambetsu, Abashiri, Nakashibetsu, Shibetsu 50-100km 8,000yen 8,000yen 12,000yen +4,000yen

* Drop-off fee is same as delivery fee.
* If you would like delivery to the area farther than 100km, please ask us.
* It may be possible to get on the delivery car.  It is free service.

We have high-grade Road bikes, Hybrid bikes, and MTB.  All bikes are SPECIALIZED, one of the most famous brand in the world.  They are well-maintained and equipped with cycle computers, bottle cages, and wire locks.

[ Our bike shop]

Open period
Summer season: End of April - Early November
Winter season: End of January - End of March

Open hours: 8am-6pm (Close time will be early in autumn because of sunset)

*The shop will be closed during the cycling tour.  Please book or call us before you come to the shop.

Address : 96 Utorohigashi, Shari-cho, Hokkaido, Japan ZIP 099-4355